Our laboratory uses a wide range of measuring devices, which guarantee the highest precision of the tested components’ results.
The tests are based on current national and international standards and on our own long-term experience (DIN, EN, ISO). Each product has a universal inspection plan, which guarantees preparing a reliable and comprehensive test report.

Since 2011, we have been receiving the prestigious KOMO certificate issued by the Dutch certification body, KIWA, and since 2012, we have been receiving the MPA certificate issued by the renowned German company, MPA – IfW Darmstadt.

All machines and tools in our company undergo periodic calibration tests in renowned external companies, such as Zwick or Mitutoyo.

We perform the following tests:
• Broadly understood precise measurements of details and samples;
• Rubber strength properties: expansion, holding force;
• Basic rubber physical characteristics: hardness, density, flexibility;
• Tests of liquid resistance (water, oils);
• Test of heat resistance (accelerated ageing);
• Test of low temperature resistance.

Instruments used in the testing process:
• Mitutoyo Quick Vision APEX 404 PRO;
• Digi test II durometer;
• Shore durometer, type A;
• KERN ABT 220 4M densitometer / analytical balance;
• ZWICK/Roell testing machine;
• Fortuna UAF 470 splitting machine;
• Compression set testing tools;
• Tension testing tools;
• Altimeters;
• PJ300 profile projector;
• Aging analysis in aqueous solutions, oils;
• Dryers and temperature chambers – with BINDER natural convection;
• Tritec laboratory refrigerators;
• Fume hood;
• CIRCOMETER CJU measuring tapes;